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Serving all of Fairfield County

We pave both commercial and residential jobs ranging from small patches to large parking lots and streets. Nado Paving is based out of Westport, Connecticut and has over 40 years experience. Over these past years, we have developed an efficient and extremely skilled staff that can handle any paving scenario.

Asphalt Patching

We also offer asphalt patching. We can patch the smallest pothole to the biggest sinkhole. We can pave street crossings, ditch lines, and repair broken edges. Cracked and alligatored asphalt is due to a bad base or too thin asphalt most of the time. We can saw-cut the asphalt and remove it, repair the base, and patch it back. We also install asphalt curbs and water berms. Root damage is another common problem with asphalt. We can remove your existing roots and repave the damaged areas. We can also install a root barrier along your asphalt edges to prevent future damage.


Asphalt is only as good as its base. With that in mind, we recommend at least 6″ of ¾” crushed rock base, and 2″ of asphalt. This is a minimum driveway spec. It goes up from there, depending on how heavy of vehicles are traveling across your asphalt.

Mix Designs

Many different types of asphalt are used for many different reasons. Asphalt mix designs range from ⅜” stones to ¾” stones. The type of asphalt that you should use is very job dependent. The type of job being residential or commercial plays a big role in this decision. Feel free to ask one of our estimators what asphalt design would suit your job best.

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